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Financial Policies 2016/17 
Asset Disposal Policy 2016-17

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Asset Management Policy 2015-16

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Budget Policy 2016-17

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Cash Management and Investment Policy 2016-17

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Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy 2016-2017

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Credit Impairment Policy 2016-17

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Indigent Policy 2016-17

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petty cash policy 2016-17

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Property Rates Policy old

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Property Rates Policy_2016_2017

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SCM Policy 2013-2014

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SCM Policy 2016-2017

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Tariffs Policy 2016-17

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Virement Policy -2016-17

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Financial Policies 2017/18 
KZN275_ Property Rates Policy_2017_2018

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KZN275_Asset Disposal Policy 2017-2018

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KZN275_Asset Management Policy 2017-2018

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KZN275_Banking Cash Management and Investment Policy-2018

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KZN275_Budget Policy 2017- 2018

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KZN275_Credit Control and Debt Collection Policy .

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KZN275_Credit Impairment Policy_2018

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KZN275_Final Virement Policy - 2018

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KZN275_FinalTariff Policy -2018

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KZN275_Indigent Policy_2018

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KZN275_SCM Policy 2018

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